Adorably App Makes Everyone Interior Designers

Interior design has all kinds of apps these days. Zillow lets you browse homes for sale. Houzz has thousands of pictures of interior design styles and furnishings to browse through. ColorSmart helps you come up with a color scheme incorporating what you already have. Then there’s Adornably. Adornably is one of the newest and most high tech on the market, now available for iPad. And best of all, it’s free.

Avoid Measuring And Heavy Lifting

The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported the press release published by PR Newswire. Apparently, “The Adornably app allows users to take pictures of their own space and then customize it with high quality, 3D photorealistic imagery of furniture that is automatically set to scale.” This takes care of the hassle of measuring (and mis-measuring) and heavy lifting. You won’t have to move the couch from one wall to another and back again in order to see how the arrangement would look anymore.

Adornably is an interior design expert in your pocket. It can take care of difficult design decisions and allow you to take care of furniture shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Interface Provide Photorealistic Images

Marc Lebovitz is CEO of Adornably and in the press release he said, “We’re thrilled that our technology is able to showcase virtual furniture in such  a true-to-life photorealistic manner. Adornably will set the interior designer inside all of us free and make everyone’s home a design playground.”

All You Need Is A Magazine

Setting up your space within the app is simple. Place a magazine somewhere within the room so it will be visible in your shot and the app will use that to scale the furnishings, windows, walls, etc. Once your space has been created, you can surf a catalog of furnishings from all kinds of manufacturers and place them in your virtual room to see how they’d fit and whether they’d match each other.

CEO of Stanly Furniture Company, one of the many companies whose furnishings you can view in the app, Glenn Prillaman said, “The Adornably application is a potential game-changer in the digital revolution now sweeping across almost every part of a home furnishings industry that previously offered consumers the same shopping experience for over 50 years.”

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