Ronald McDonald House Gets Some TLC

The Charlottesville Ronald McDonald House is getting a little back this year for all its charity work. A million-dollar renovation project started at the beginning of July is set to be completed in eight months and will hopefully provide an even more comfortable environment for those families that temporarily live there.

A Current Tenant’s Testimony

A current tenant of the house is Enga Knicely who, according to a local news agency, “went into pre-term labor with twins at just 25 weeks.” Luckily, she was able to find a place to stay at the Ronald McDonald House so she could be nearby throughout the time her infants have to stay at the hospital.

Helping Families of Sick Children

According to its website, the Ronald McDonald House “provides a ‘home-away-from-home” for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost.” When families don’t have to worry about money for lodgings, they are more able to focus on the health of their children and making informed medical decisions. Thus, this renovation of the Charlottesville location will help further those goals and benefit many future families.

Renovation Will Add Much-Needed Improvements

Rita Ralston, current executive director of the Ronald McDonald House said, “The house has been in existence since 1991 . . . and we’ve taken care of thousands of families.” Its renovation will add private bathrooms for every room, new flooring and paint, and an updated kitchen area.
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