Knowing When To Downsize Your Home

The home you raise your family in might be perfect when you have kids living at home, but as one by one they leave the nest, you’ll find you have more and more wasted space. Soon, having three empty bedrooms and a bathroom that is never used might start to seem like a hassle. You still have to clean, heat, and cool those areas even though they’re rarely used. If you reach the point where having all that extra square footage is more bother than benefit, it may be time to downsize.

Downsize Before You Have To

People decide to downsize for a variety of reasons. Their family size might shrink, there may be less income coming in, or they might simply be getting older and having stairs is no longer conducive to a comfortable lifestyle. A woman named Louise Hutchinson said she started looking around for a smaller home because she heard about “two friends who recently had to suddenly downsize due to a spouse’s death or illness.”

Louise went on to explain, “My husband and I are both over 70, and . . . I’m just thinking of what if one of us has a stroke or what if one of us died, the other’s going to be left with a house full of junk.” So Hutchinson decided to plan for the future and look around for a smaller home to move into while she and her husband were still healthy. She also liked the idea of “home much less maintenance there would be in a condo.”

Look For Extra Storage

If you decide to downsize, keep in mind that you’ll need to get rid of some household items and it would help if your new home has storage space to prevent the necessity of throwing out a lot of priceless possessions.

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