Give Yourself A Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Where are the places you spend the most time? If you’re like the average person, you are probably thinking your desk at the office and your room at home. However, have you ever considered how much time you spend in the bathroom? If you live to be eighty, you will have likely spent at least three of those years in the bathroom, according to ABC News. So why not make your bathroom a place you can feel comfortable? Here’s how you can do a luxury bathroom remodel.

Look At Other Ideas

The first thing you’ll want to do is check other people’s luxury bathroom remodel jobs. One example might be the Chermak Construction bathroom, according to My Edmonds News. This bathroom, which is bigger than most of our bedrooms, features a claw-foot tub, a fireplace, and plenty of room to hang your clothes. Maybe you can’t get that large or extravagant of a bathroom, but at least it can give you ideas of what you would like to make the room feel more luxurious. Maybe you do want a fireplace and a big, comfy tub. Maybe you just want your bathroom to feel peaceful, or maybe the chaos of many colors can help you feel relaxed. Look at what other people are doing to figure out what you would like best.

Start With The Basics

The basic things you actually need in your bathroom are a toilet, sink, and shower/bath. If you are like most people, you’ll want a separate shower and tub. Even if you can’t get a new tub or new shower, you can make small improvements though. Try putting candles around the tub. You can even get a new shower head to make it feel more luxurious. If you close your eyes, you may even be able to pretend you are in some fancy hotel. Maybe you can’t have double sinks, but you can also decorate here. Again, light some candles and put up some decorations that fit with your personality. Make the bathroom feel like home with what you put on the sink. The hardest part is somehow making the toilet feel more luxurious. You can always get those special toilets with the heated seats and that flush for you when you are done. There are even some that are remote-activated. No matter what you choose, adding a seat cover and some decorations behind you will give it a more homey feeling. And if you get bored on the toilet, you can even add a magazine rack on the wall. Top it all off with fancy rugs and window coverings. It won’t cost that much to change a small bathroom, but in the end, you will end up feeling like you got a luxury bathroom remodel.

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Realistic Remodeling Tips

There’s nothing worse than putting $20,000 into a home remodel just to find out you only increased your home value by $5,000. You’ve basically lost $15,000 on the remodel at that point. But at the same time, it is important that you change your home to be exactly what you want. That is why you need a balance. Here are a few tips to follow when deciding how to remodel your home without losing money on the changes you’ve made.

The Number of Bedrooms

You may not lose much value if you drop the number of bedrooms in your home from five to four, but going from a three bedroom home to a two bedroom home will significantly decrease the value. Why? Because the average person wants the same thing in their home: three bedrooms, two baths, and a two car garage. By taking away extra bedrooms, you’re losing a lot of value. This is a lesson Nancy and Thomas James had to learn the hard way when they remodeled their home to remove all closets making it, technically, a one bedroom home, according to the Norwalk Reflector. Technically, they now only have a one bedroom home since none of the rooms left have closets. Even though they had no need for all the extra closets, the value of their home decreased to everyone else who saw it. Having closets is more practical. Use the rooms for whatever you like, but keep the closet space for resale purposes.


The next thing people usually do wrong is paint. Stick with neutral colors. Maybe you really want a bright pink bedroom for the new baby, but people will pay less for a house they have to do extra work on. If you want to do blue, do a soft, neutral blue. If you want to do pink, at least pick a soft, neutral pink. Neutral colors will also make it easier on you when you want to change furniture later. You won’t have to match a specific color anymore.

The Small Things

If you are trying to sell your home, the small things are what matter most. You will want to make sure and cover things that aren’t appealing to look at, like baseboard heaters. It is also a good idea to keep the design simple. People want to walk into your home and see almost no clutter, so keep all the extra stuff organized or shoved in a closet somewhere. It is the small things that make all the difference.

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Preparation Crucial To Successful And Speedy Remodeling

You’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and do it: It’s time to repaint. Quick, before your resolution deserts you run to the store and buy a couple buckets of paint. What about a paintbrush? Or should it be a paint roller? Do you need a paint tray? Get a couple of everything. Wow, there are a lot of shades of white. Which one do you currently have? It looks pretty close to a couple of these, maybe buy one of each. After all, the home improvement store is just around the corner. You can always come back and spend more money . . .

I hope you realize how silly that whole train of thought sounded. Yet, that’s how some homeowners approach remodeling. They finally gather the gumption to do something about their houses and rush out to begin work while they have the chance. However, as with the example above, you’ll quickly realize there are far more options out there than you might have guessed. Plus, if it’s a DIY, you’ll need to check on what tools you have, what you need, what variations are available, what a reasonable price is, etc.

Advice From The Speedy Reno Master
The takeaway message here is that proper renovations should be thoroughly planned and thought through before they’re begun. Andrew Winter, an Australian renovator who appears on Australian television show, Selling Houses Australia, described his process as a series of steps.

Price Your Plan
“Never start without costing [pricing] your plans and allowing a small contingency,” Winter said. ”Ensure you know you can afford it and that the money will be available when you need it.” On his show, time is of the essence because his team must makeover a home in only 3 days.

Arrange Materials And Tools
Another tip to help speed up your renovation is to pick out all of your tools and materials before you even think of beginning. There should be no running back and forth from the store to your house. You should know your color scheme, your preferred flooring materials, and any fixtures you plan on installing or replacing before touching anything.

Know Your Order
Once everything is assembled and work begins, make sure you know what order everything needs to go in, especially if you’re performing a major renovation. Winter said, “You need to know who should come on site and what order. Painters arriv[ing] when the walls haven’t been sheeted is going to ruin the schedule.”

Be On Site
Last of all, Winter said it’s important for you to be on site as much as possible, even if you aren’t taking a hand in the work. “Mistakes can and probably will be made,” Winter warned, “but if they are discovered while the trades [contractors] are still there . . . you will save yourself a lot of time and money.”

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Budget-Friendly Options For Replacing Old Furniture

When it comes time to get new furniture, many people think their only option is to check out nearby furnishing stores. So they’ll hit the name brand businesses, experiencing sticker shock as they realize how pricey new, attractive furniture can be, then come back home and wonder if maybe their threadbare couch couldn’t last just a few more years. Sometimes furnishing stores will have sales, but Murphy’s Law is that it will never be on the furniture you want.

Check Out
But what other options do you have? Several, actually. First of all, get rid of the notion that furniture shopping must be done at IKEA, Oak Express, RC Willey, or the like. Though these definitely offer high quality options, those come with correspondingly high prices which not everyone can afford. is actually my first go-to source when I look for new furniture. Yes, the furniture is technically not “new” then, but people often sell like-new furniture when they need to move quickly or find they don’t have the room they thought they did when they originally purchased their couch set. Gently used furniture can be just as nice, and both options come with prices reduced from that of the store.

Refurbish And Renew
Another option if you feel particularly attached to your existing furniture but can’t bear for guests to have to sit on it in the state it’s in, you can always refurbish it yourself or hire a company to do it. The style actually has a name: Shabby chic or vintage. It requires some effort, but you can customize the result and take pride in accomplishing something with your own two hands. The process is different for each furniture piece, but generally you’ll have to sand the old finish or paint off the wood before you can refinish or repaint it. An electric sander will make this process much quicker.

If it’s the cushions that need some TLC, consider either hiring a refurbisher to create new cushions or cushion covers, or make your own. Again, this will take time, so you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each possibility carefully. And in fact, you don’t have to refurbish your own old furniture, you may find that a flea market, garage sale, or antique shop has a furniture piece you could spruce up to make it fit into your home.

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Selling Your Home In A Competitive Market

The decision to sell your home is never a quick or easy one. It’s the decision to uproot your family, to make new friends, to get used to a new setting, to declutter your life. Sometimes it’s a relieving decision, and sometimes it’s a difficult one, but it’s always attended with a certain amount of nostalgia. However, once the decision is made, you’ll want to be able to get on with the next step of your life. To do so, you need to find a buyer quickly or else end up making two house payments.

Consult A Realtor For Pricing
The price you bought your home for is likely not the one you’ll sell it for. Home prices fluctuate, and values plummeted following the 2008 housing crash. Since then the market has rebounded, though not everything has returned to its pre-2008 levels. The best way to determine an asking price is by talking to a licensed realtor with experience in your area. Use a website like Zillow to see what nearby houses have gone for and how long they tend to be on the market.

Dottie Herman, a writer for World Property Channel, said, “Pay attention to the condition of [neighboring] properties, as renovated homes will be more expensive than those that need renovations. . . . While underpricing can be a strategy which may attract a larger pool of buyers, you want to have good information to help you decide.”

Timing Your Sale
The season you introduce your home to the market can have an impact on how quickly it sells. People don’t shop around during bad weather, so winter months tend to be a little stale for the housing market. Spring is a more popular time as people begin thinking about new beginnings, but the market tends to be inundated with newly listed properties at this time so yours may be lost in the shuffle. A balance between the winter months and the spring rush will help put your home at the top of potential buyers’ lists.

Choosing Your Renovations
You may choose to renovate your home prior to putting it on the market, but remember that the money you invest won’t necessarily translate to a higher home value. It may, however, make it more appealing to home buyers, thus enabling you to sell your home faster if time is an issue.

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What A $10,000 Remodeling Budget Can Buy

A $10,000 renovation budget might not sound like much, but it can cover a plethora of remodeling projects. If you’re planning to sell your home in the next 2 years, Michael Corbett, a writer for Daily Finance, suggests you set aside $10,000 to do a little upgrading of your home. This will help make your home more saleable and could increase your value as well.

Understanding Renovation Investment

The first thing to remember is that a $10,000 investment doesn’t mean your home value will rise by $10,000. It might rise a little, but not that full amount. Just think of this money as a way to speed up the selling process which could save you money in paying for two home payments if you have to move right away or the cost of traveling a longer distance to a new job because you’re stuck at your old home. There’s also the cost of your time spent trying to market your home, which isn’t exactly calculable.

Corbett explained, “Individually, item-by-item, renovations don’t add up to much of a value adding proposition. But, when you put them all together with vision and [a] little creativity, you create an overall house improvement and a big return on your investment!”

Here’s a breakdown of what you can do room by room with $10,000:
• Kitchen – Replace older appliances with new, matching ones or resurface your cabinets.
• Master bath – Upgrade your shower, replace your countertops, upgrade fixtures, or replace your vanity.
• Paint – Repaint your entire interior with some sort of neutral paint potential homebuyers could easily see themselves living with.
• Curb appeal – Plant some new hedges, grow some greener grass, paint the front door a refreshing accent color, or add some outdoor lighting.
• Heating and air systems – Upgrade these systems to newer energy efficient models. Whether you stay in your home or move you’ll benefit from lower utility costs.
• Solar power – Installing solar panels is attractive in today’s “green” market and will also help lower utility costs.

Don’t try to spread you $10,000 too thin. Focus on some areas where you could really make a difference and then go big or go home.

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When A Home Renovation Is A DIY Or A DI-Don’t

When homeowners decide to renovate some aspect of their homes, they have a choice: to hire contractors or installation workers to do it for them, or to DIY (do-it-yourself). DIY projects tend to be cheaper because you’re just paying for materials and not labor. You also have more control over the project’s timetable, its customization, and the price of the materials used. However, doing a renovation yourself means you need to have the proper skills, tools, knowledge of what materials are required, and the motivation to complete the project once it’s begun.

Another challenge is if you mess up your remodel, you could face paying far more money to correct the mistake than you would have paid a contractor to get the job done right the first time. The Hamilton Spectator, a Canadian newspaper, listed a few projects the average homeowner might be able to get done themselves, versus a few projects better left to the professionals.

For the homeowner:
– Leaky faucets
– Refinishing hardwood floors
– Painting
– Wallpaper
– Installing new blinds
– Replacing a water filter
– Replacing a furnace filter
– Cleaning an AC unit
– Installing smoke alarms
– Replacing weather stripping around doors and windows

For the professionals:
– Roof repair
– Siding
– Structural changes (including home additions)
– Window replacements
– Demolition jobs
– Changing, replacing, or repairing plumbing
– Changing, replacing, or repairing electrical implements
– Tree removal
– Paving the driveway

For other projects, just ask yourself these questions: Does the project require specialty knowledge, skills, or equipment? Is the project too big to complete in a timely and efficient manner? Is there a risk of danger in doing the job yourself. If you answer yes to any of these questions you’ll want to think twice about doing the project yourself.

Keep in mind that not all contractors were created equally. Some will specialize in certain aspects of renovation, like bricklaying, drywall installation, bathroom and kitchens, exterior restoration and repairs, siding installation, demolition, and structural improvements. Get references on any contractors before you hire them and request their quotes be delivered to you in writing so if a disagreement occurs partway through renovation, you’ll have a document to prove who’s right and who’s wrong.

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