Relocating May Be Easier Than Renovating

New Year’s resolution time is right around the corner, though you may still be focusing on Christmas shopping, present wrapping, and calorie consuming. However, if you get a moment you might start planning now for how you want next year to go. What plans did you have this year that you put off and never carried out? What goals ended up flopping and which ones did you actually stick to? Chances are, there was some repair job or renovation that wasn’t quite crucial enough for you to complete this year. Make a plan now to get that taken care of in 2014.

Holidays Accentuate Lack of Space
Marion Franke, a home improvement writer for the Houston News, said when people start thinking about what they want for their families in the new year, they might consider if improving their home or upgrading to a new one might not be the best choice for everyone. Franke explained, “During the holidays, a home that is too small, outdated, or simply doesn’t fit the family anymore becomes quite obvious. If you are embarrassed when family comes to visit because of the cramped space or long overdue remodeling that you want . . . stop!”

Assess Home And Neighborhood Value
There are a couple of tests to determine whether you should remodel or sell. First is to get your home value assessed and then compare that amount to the value of neighboring houses and how much homes in the area have recently sold for. If your home has topped out for value in the area, remodeling or adding on won’t be financially smart because it won’t increase the value of the home proportionately, if at all. You’d also want to find out how long homes similar to yours are staying on the market so you know if a move could happen within a few months or if you might be waiting another full year.

Consider Renovation Disruptions
Another factor to consider is the disruption renovations cause in day-to-day life. You’ll be living in a construction zone with dust, dirt, and tarps for some amount of time. Is the stress and hassle going to be worth it? Will your family be able to subsist under such conditions? Kitchen renovations are most popular, but they are also most disruptive to family life. How are you going to eat and cook without a kitchen for some number of weeks? Plan this ahead of time and you may decide that renovation isn’t for you.

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