Avoid Home Remodeling and Renovating Mistakes

With the housing market always fluctuating, sometimes it is just easier and cheaper to renovate and remodel your home. Perhaps the most important and most difficult part of remodeling your home is setting a reasonable budget. Once that task is taken care of, the work begins, and in the case of home remodeling, the work is the fun part! Coming up with new and creative ways to make your home your own is always exhilarating, especially because there are so many different styles out there today. There are a few things home remodelers should keep in mind before they begin their project, though.

Things To Consider Before Remodeling

There are several mistakes that many people make when remodeling their homes. In an attempt to be as frugal as possible (because let’s face it, we all want the best deals), many people buy the cheapest materials thinking they are getting a good deal, but in most cases those materials have to be replaced in a short period of time ultimately costing more money rather than saving any. HGTV reminds home remodelers that you get what you pay for, so in the case of home remodeling don’t be afraid to budget a little more for higher quality materials. Another common mistake home remodelers run into is inaccurate measurements. It never hurts to double, triple, quadruple check measurements to avoid having to start over, and spend more money to fix the mistake. Never skip the prep work such as measuring, taping, and other tedious techniques. While they can be annoying and we all tend to be confident enough that we don’t need to waste time doing the prep work, more often than not projects do not go as planned and cost a lot more because the prep work was avoided. One of the most common mistakes home remodelers make is going too trendy with their renovations.

While it is fun to have the most in style décor, it is important to remember that styles fade and home remodeling is expensive, so in order to avoid facing multiple remodels, it is always best to stick with classic styles that are long term rather than short-term trends. Most importantly, home remodelers should remember to have patience. Home remodeling is a long process depending on the project. Not only is it a lot of work, it can be bring a lot of chaos depending on the size of the project. Maintaining patience throughout the project is vital for a remodeler’s sanity. Many people often give up halfway through projects because it becomes too much to handle and the anticipation of it being completed takes over. No matter the size of the home, remodeling is always a big project and it is important that remodelers focus on the little details and give themselves plenty of time to complete it. If these tips are followed, the long hours will be well worth it!

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The Cost of Moving And How To Recoup It

Moving is no picnic, and you don’t realize how expensive it is until you start packing. Thought the expensive of a moving van would be the most of your worries? Think again. How exactly were you intending on packaging all your stuff? Moving van rentals don’t include gas, don’t forget. If you’re moving between states, you’ll need a new driver’s license once you get there, need to change your address on a hundred different forms, and this is not to mention you may have to double up on utilities, home insurance, or mortgage payments if you aren’t able to sell your old home before you move.

The point of all this is to remind you how important every penny is when it comes to selling a home. A simple renovation might be the difference between selling and moving on, or being stuck between two cities for several interminable months. You may not recoup your renovation investment in the sale of the home, but the right reno could almost certainly recoup itself when you look at the big picture.

A Few Eye-Catching Ideas

Ryan Star, a renovation guru for Candadian newspaper The Hamilton Spectator, came up with several remodeling ideas sure to catch prospective home buyers’ eyes and get your home on and off the market as quick as you can.

Stainless Steel And Stone In The Kitchen

First, he suggested updating your kitchen, which is the first thing home buyers tend to look at. Star explained, “A kitchen remodel can get up to a 75 percent return on investment at resale. Popular kitchen upgrades include stone countertops, tile backsplashes, islands, and stainless steel appliances.”

Create A Master Bathroom Paradise

Next after the kitchen in popularity is the master bathroom, which Joel Scopelleti, a renovations contractor, said is a huge selling point. “Bigger showers are the trend. People would rather have a big spacious shower versus a basic bathtub and small shower,” he said. Another item on the wish list: a double vanity and heated floors. The addition of even one of these features could help your home stand out among the rest.

Adding A Basement

Build a bigger and better home by adding a basement, though it’s suggested you only do this if you wish to use it yourself. You won’t return your full investment on a basement addition, but your added comfort and enjoyment paired with a larger square footage (attractive to future buyers) can make it a valuable renovation.

Scopelleti explained, “You’re making the house a lot more comfortable to live in, saving energy costs, and you’re adding more space to live in.”

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Source: thespec.com/living-story/4488912-renovations-that-add-value-to-the-home/