4 Things All DIY Home Renovators Should Plan On Doing

It’s summer, prime time for finally getting to all those neglected, long dream of home renovation projects. However, those projects can turn from dreams into nightmares if they aren’t handled properly. The best way to successfully complete a remodel is to get all your facts straight ahead of time. Here are 4 things all DIY renovators need to do.

Look At Your Whole House, Not Just One Room

This sounds opposite from the accepted knowledge that you should focus on one area of the house at a time. What this piece of advice refers to is the idea of realizing how your renovation project will fit into the house as a whole. Laura Firszt, an interior design writer, suggested, “Try to see your home as a whole, making sure that your remodeling job will result in a cohesive style for the entire home.” The idea is to avoid hyper-focusing on a single room until it doesn’t resemble or appear related to any other room in the house.

Keep Size And Scale In Mind

Another mistake DIY home designers make is overstuffing their homes with all the design details they see in magazines. Sure they look great on the cover of Home & Garden, but does it fit with your home? Do the furnishings clash with what you already have? An overstuffed room feels cluttered and confined. Better to err on the side of too little and then add a little more once all your decor is arranged, than to deal with too much.

Recognize Traffic Patterns

No, this doesn’t refer to the busy road out front, this refers to the worn paths in your carpet. Or the dirty versus clean areas you find in frequently used rooms. Traffic patterns refer to leaving space for people to maneuver through your home easily. Firszt said, “Make your doors and hallways wide and high enough to avoid congestion and stooping.” There are building codes for these types of measurements, so take the time to research what they are.

Avoid Dated Styles

Dated styles are those pink, green, and blue plaid plates selling big in the seasonal section of Target. They’re cute, but by the end of the summer they’ll be gone and you won’t be able to get replacements when your son or daughter decides to use them as anger management tools. The same goes for furnishings, carpet, and color palettes. Sure the “in” style might be fresh and attractive, but will people still think so 10 years from now? Unless you plan on redoing your entire home every 2 to 3 years, choose colors, textures, and patterns that will stand the test of time.

As Firstz explained, “Today’s trend is tomorrow’s avocado refrigerator (or next year’s subway tile?). Choose timeless styles that won’t date stamp your home,” especially if you foresee the need to move at a not-so-distant date.

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Source: myfoxphilly.com/story/25934106/8-top-home-renovation-planning-mistakes-to-avoid


Oakland-Area Contest To Provide $20,000 To Lucky Local Charity

A lucky Oakland-based charity, yet to be determined, will be receiving a $20,000 interior makeover, thanks to the International Design Guild Designer Program, which is comprised of independently owned design-driven flooring showrooms. Two entities in this alliance, Northern Flooring and Interiors and Style Network guru Mark Brunetz, have partnered up to put on a contest they titled “Design a Difference.”

A Celebration of Service-Driven Designers

The contest was designed “to celebrate interior designers who are willing to give back to their communities.”Any interior design professionals or students in the Oakland area can enter the contest and whoever wins gets to choose a company to receive $20,000.

Local Charities Hit Hard By Recession

To enter the contest, the designers must partner with their chosen charity to come up with a design for the charity’s interior. The hypothesis is that in this economy, local charities are having a hard time just making ends meet, let alone updating and maintaining their operating premises.

Matt Pfeiffer of Northern Flooring explained, “Some charities need a more functional, better and inviting space for the people they help,” however,” sometimes charities cannot afford to keep up their offices and it causes discomfort for visitors and employees alike,” thus providing the basis for this contest. There is no cost to enter the contest and since it’s open for students to enter, it could also provide possible resume and portfolio-building benefits.

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