Design Ideas For Residential Staircases

Home is where the heart is, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring to be familiar. Your home can be as unique as your personality, from the window panes to the floor plan to the type and style of staircase you choose to install. Most people think of staircases as a means of transportation. Like a hallway, they choose to do nothing aesthetically interesting with the way in which they move from floor to floor.

If you’re looking for ways to brighten and freshen your home or come up with ways to make built-to-own house you unique, think about how you can make your stairs interesting. Nick Burborough of Zigzag Design studio, said that as people are choosing more often to fix up rather than move out, stair facelifts have become more common.

Staircase Redesign Becoming Popular

“It’s a big rising trend. More and more clients want to lift their stairs without the headache and financial hit of a complete replacement,” he said. Why stairs, though? “The staircase is the biggest single structure in a house and it’s often the first thing you see when you come in,” Burborough explained. “If the kitchen is the heart of the home then the staircase is the main artery through which everything flows.”

Updating The Balustrade

One change people choose to make is adding or updating the balustrade (stair railing). If your home didn’t originally have one or the original is now dilapidated, this is a great way to put a new face on yoru staircase. In London, Burborough said the current trend is towards sculpted metal balustrades, especially ones with carved spindles.

“We are doing many more spindles in copper and bronze,” Burborough recounted. “You can use the staircase to create a real splash of ornate decor in an otherwise minimal space.” Other ways homeowners are getting more creative with theirs staircases is by introducing different colors and materials. Some are cladding the riser (which is the vertical part of the step) with metal or mirrors to add light and dimension to the space.

Staircase Lighting

Another idea for adding light to staircases is by hanging pendant lighting above it, which Burborough said is a great way for highlighting the doors and creating a theatrical mood. He also suggested, “Think about using a low wattage washer light on every other tread to create light and shade and lead the eye up to the landing.”

No More Carpet

And if you can only do one thing to your stairs, designers Ab Rogers and Jonas Lencer say you should do away with carpet. “You must have fun with your decor,” Rogers explained. “If you are really brave you could just pour several different colors of resin down from the top to create a pattern. Otherwise, use one color and don’t worry if it doesn’t work—you can always paint over it.”

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