What Do Interior Designers Do, Anyway?

Interior designers get a bad rap, at times, because some people believe their services are extra, unnecessary, excessive. They imagine only the rich and famous bother to hire such people and their expertise can be of little value to a normal American lifestyle. This image is false, however, because the true aim of interior designers is not to charge unearthly bills or rearrange expensive artwork, it’s to empower homeowners, making their houses into homes that reflect homeowners’ personalities.

Finding Inspiration
Homeowners should feel as though their dwellings are their sanctuaries. The best way to do this is to arrange it in a way that is conducive to your vision and your lifestyle. Tatum Brown Interiors suggests, “Before you begin a project, outline your preferences, color palette, inspirations and aspirations.” Even if you don’t believe some of what you put down has to do with interior design, jot it down anyways. It might serve as inspiration later on.

For more inspiration, try browsing through Pinterest or Houzz for pictures of your ideal home. Sometimes you’ll see styles that appeal to you but which you’d like to tweak to make your own. That’s where an interior designer comes in: keep those images close by and a designer will help you see how they can be incorporated into your home.

Matching Furniture And Decor
One thing interior designers really excel at is making a room feel whole, rather than mismatched. You can mix modern with antique and still get an attractive look, but it’s tricky. Designers use their expertise to make all the elements in a room feel like they were supposed to fit together.

Morgan Farrow, the senior designer for Tatum Brown Interiors, said, “We recommend avoiding a look where it appears that all of the furniture in a room came from a single source, just as we guide clients away from a mismatched look. Start with a vintage pieces and build from there, mixing in contemporary pieces or interesting fabrics to really bring the space to life in an updated way.”

Making Myriad Decisions
When you’re doing a full home design, there are hundreds of decisions to make. Neutral or bright? Wood or carpet? Pendant or recessed? Linoleum or tile? White or black? With all these choices come corresponding costs, challenges, texture changes, palette tweaks, and the average homeowner simply doesn’t have the time or expertise to ferret out the best solutions. For the busy homeowner, hiring an interior designer can be the answer they were looking for.

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Source: dallas.culturemap.com/news/home-design/06-12-14-interior-design-tips-and-trends/


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