5 Home Renovation Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

There are some pretty popular apps for mobile devices these days. They help homeowners with their home search, they help renovators find good contractors, they help interior designers choose paint palettes. And there are so many more things smartphone owners can do if they only knew what was out there. Here are a few you’ve never heard of, but which you’ll never again live without.

MagicPlan (free)
All you need to do is snap a few pictures and you can have a quick floorplan of your home. You don’t have to move furniture, make measurements, or provide scale objects. Just stand in the center of each room, take a few pictures, and let MagicPlan do the rest.

Bunnings (free)
This company has several options of apps for homeowners to sift through. Casey Small, an interior design correspondent with a New Zealand design magazine, said, “The Paint Helper app assists with color choice and calculates the dimensions of your room to estimate how many liters of paint you will need.” Another Bunnings app, The Floor Helper, helps estimate the size of a room to be recarpeted and the cost of the various materials needed to do so.

Handyman DIY ($2.59)
The Handyman is like your own, personal contracting consultant who helps you with the plannign and implementation process of some basic DIY projects. Small said with it, “You can calculate measurements, estimate cost, create a project shopping list, and keep track of multiple jobs.” Their tutorials are comprehensive and provide links to YouTube videos which help you avoid making any mistakes.

Eden Garden Designer ($2.59)
You can do more than remodel your interior. This app helps you make the most of your landscaping, as well. Similar to MagicPlan, you can upload pictures of your garden and then look through their portfolio of outdoor areas for ideas of what you might implement in your own space. Small praised it, saying, “The animation is beautiful and the app is easy to use. You can also impress your friends with your botanical knowledge, with information available on all plants.”

iHandy Carpenter ($2.59)
It’s not free, but it could still save you money by saving you from having to purchase a slew of other tools. This single app includes a surface level, a plumb bob for vertical walls, a protractor for measuring angles up to 180 degrees, a ruler, and a bubble level bar. Who said iPhones are only good for surfing social media or playing games?

Using apps like these isn’t just smart, it’s savvy. Instead of spending money on more tools or time combing Google looking for renovation answers, you can save yourself the hassle of it all by downloading a few apps during your lunch break.

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Source: stuff.co.nz/life-style/home-property/10150128/8-apps-that-will-change-your-home


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