Getting Insurance Discounts For Home Improvements

Insurance companies often offer discounts when you have multiple policies with them or when you have a certain career path (doctor, engineer, dentist, teacher, police, firefighter, etc.), but did you know home renovations can also get you discounts on insurance? Insurance companies like it when you take care of your home, because it means less they’ll have to shell out for possible repair for damages. Here are a few reasons you might qualify for a discount.

New Roof Installation

Replacing your roof is an expensive procedure, no matter what method you use to do it (DIY or professional). According to, in 2014, the cost to replace a shingle roof is between $5.43 and $7.05 per square foot. But if it really needs replacing, let your home owner’s insurance know when it’s completed. Discounts will vary depending on your state and the company insuring you, but most will offer a discount for a new roof, and some will even do it if you’ve had it replaced in the last six years.

Installed Protective Devices

A major expense for home insurance companies is shelling out when homes are burned down, broken into, or valuables are stolen. Homeowners who install protective devices or alarms not only improve their peace of mind, but they can also save a little on their homeowner’s insurance. Security systems, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors are a few examples of devices that might let you qualify in your state.

New Home Construction

Recently constructed homes have few, if any, things wrong with them, so insurance companies love to insure them. They’ll give you a discount for your newly built home, though how “new” it has to be will depend on the state and the company.

Renovation of Major Systems

Not just any home renovation will get you an insurance discount, but if you upgrade major systems like heating, electrical, or plumbing, let your insurance company know. And if your new water heater or energy efficient appliances don’t qualify you for an insurance discount, look into whether they get you a tax break.

Being A Non-Smoker

Cigarette smoke drastically reduces the value of a home because of the damage the smoke and tobacco do to the sheetrock, paint, and flooring of a structure. If no one in your home has smoked tobacco in the last two years, you will almost certainly get a discount.

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