How To Have Realistic Expectations For Your Interior Design Budget

Every homeowner has a limit to how much they’re able to spend on a home renovation or remodeling project. But no matter how much you’re able to spend—whether it’s $50 or $5,000—you can get good value for your purchase if you’re smart and careful. However, the smaller your budget, the more realistic you must be about your expectations for the product or service you buy. Remember the old adage: “You get what you paid for.”

Think of your home renovation in terms of buying a car. You won’t get the quality and longevity of a ’14 Mercedes if all you can afford is a ’97 Tercel. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a smaller budget, but you should know that your Tercel won’t have as good of gas mileage, doesn’t have as many miles left in it, and might have some hidden or latent engine problems.

Quality VS Price
Claire Golan, an ASID professional and IL registered interior designer explained, “When you decorate a whole room for the price of a well-made-but-not-fancy sectional sofa, your cheaper sofa will likely feel lumpy sooner, the fabric will probably wear or fade a bit faster and it won’t be worth re-doing it in 5 years when it starts to ‘go.’”

Buying At A Thrift Store
Sometimes you can find real value at thrift stores. People often throw out items because they show a little surface wear, but their structure is sound. If you feel like some DIY projects and have time, you can recover sofas, repaint bedside tables and chests of drawers, and reuse old frames or bookshelves. A good time to go thrift store shopping is just after Black Friday or Christmas when everyone gets rid of their old things to make room for new things.

Buying At A Retail Store
Most commonly people shop at retail stores for their furnishings and interior design accessories. Items there are mid to lower-priced. Golan said, “Volume is important to [retail stores], especially if they warehouse pieces. . . . At [such] stores the sales personnel have been very eager to work with me and my clients.”

Buying Online
Online is another option for interior design purchases. They often have sales or discounts and if shipped to a store, shipping is free. However, Golan suggests homeowners not buy upholstery online as they won’t be able to sit on it or feel it first.

Consulting An Interior Designer
For all home renovation purposes, homeowners can benefit from the experience of an interior designer. They can do anything from consulting to design plans to making actual purchases. It’s often worth the price just so you don’t end up buying unused decorations for your home.

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