DIY Painting Tips For Fabulous Interior Design

When people think about getting a new coat of paint, they generally consider only one medium: their walls. But as Yanic Simard recently proved, there’s a whole lot more you can do with paint than that. Simard, the principle designer at the Toronto Interior Design Group, encouraged homeowners to be bold with the ways they incorporate paint into their interior design. True, classical painters were made famous by their ability to paint without obvious brushstrokes, but today, centuries later, people crave that raw, handmade look.

Impressionist Place Settings

One idea for incorporating paint into your design is by getting big-patterned, impressionist place settings. Simard said, “Watercolor paintings and impressionist art inspire the current trend of raw, expressive brushstrokes in interior design. . . . These dynamic lines can now be found dressing anything from walls to fabrics to accessories,” the effect of which, Simard explained, is to bring “a sense of whimsy and energy—and usually an unapologetic pop of color.”

His example dining room also featured boldly striped placemats and silverware handles. You can either by these items pre-painted or get blank originals and paint them yourself (making sure to use ceramic paint for the place settings).

Bedroom Accents

You can bring those bold brushstrokes into your bedroom as well with a few cans or bottles of leftover paint. Simply paint a couple strokes of your accent colors on a piece of paper cut to fit a matted frame, hang the result on the wall. Then look for other places you might use that paint in the room: your bedside table, your lamp shade, etc.

Paint Dipping

Ever wonder what the effect would be if you only painted the lower half of your dining chair’s legs? It’s no longer considered lazy to do so. In fact, Simard suggested doing it, saying, “The hottest paint trend, paint dipping, gives objects a two-hued appearance by either literally dipping them in paint or simply painting the entire form up to a consistent line, creating a modern and graphic statement. A few candidates you might consider for dipping include your table, chairs, nightstand, desk, serving spoons, decorative plates, or even a damaged art canvas!

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