Making Your New (Or Old) House Into A Home

Whether you live in your house for 5 days or 50 years, you’ll always be looking for ways to customize it so it feels like your own. Sure, those perfectly laid out living rooms or pristine kitchens you see pictured in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine might look incredible, but would you really want to live in a house like that, devoid of personality? Maybe some people wouldn’t mind, but most homeowners prefer to leave some sort of mark on their dwelling. When a visitor walks in, they should immediately realize who’s home it is, rather than be faced with a generic, bland scene.

Use Intentional Lighting Techniques

The Upcoming, a UK magazine, recently offered a few helpful hints for homeowners looking to infuse their homes with personality and visual interest. The first tip they gave was to set the mood with your lighting. For instance, they said, “Although bright lights may be useful when reading, lounge and dining areas most often benefit from subdued lighting, or even candlelight.” To this end, consider using lamps or accent lighting, rather than “harsh lighting from a central light fitting.

Introduce A Theme

There’s a difference between throwing everything you like together in a room and picking and choosing what decorations you use where. Rather than having a hodgepodge of items in every room, pick a theme and then sort your items accordingly. If you like dolphins and daffodils, make a single room your dolphin room and a single room your sunny, yellow daffodil room. Daffodils don’t do well submerged in the ocean. If you have a lot of family souvenirs, find ways to display them tastefully, instead of heaping them on end tables or the top of your kitchen cabinets. Could the theme for one of your rooms be travel?

Choose A Warm Color Scheme

According to Upcoming, “Warm colors offer a cozy feel, whereas brighter splashes of color might be more suitable for a kitchen, and can be used for wall tiles, accessories, or light fittings.” You don’t have to choose oranges, res, or yellows to create a warm feel. White with a yellow undertone feels warm, as do pastel colors.

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