Royal Mansion Costs $2.7 Million To Renovate

You think your remodeling project is a big deal? it’s probably nothing compared to the home renovation the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are close to completing on their 200-year-old Norfolk country home. This 10 bedroom estate, also known as Anmer Hall, is estimated to have required $2.7 million to get it into shape prior to the royal family’s move in.

A Brilliant Roof

Surprisingly, about $1.8 million of that money was spent on the exterior, including $900,000 on the roof tiles and $900,000 on landscaping the front lawn. The roof is a bright orange in color, making the Geargion mansion stand out starkly against the surrounding green countryside.

Not even royals are exempt from the passage of time, however, as Tony Passmore, managing director of Passmore Group which specializes in refurbishments, said, “Surprisingly, they aren’t much different from the kind of tiles you and I would have on our homes. . . . The color is rather bright but they will weather and in five years or so will look as if they have been there forever. “

The Conservatory/Dining Area

The royals also commissioned the add-on of a “garden room” which has a glass ceiling, window-packed walls, and at 15 by 15 feet, has just enough room for a large dining table. Not everyone loves this small conservatory, however. Passmore, who is also a member of the Federation of Master Builders, said, “It looks like it has been rather stuck on and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the property. They have incorporated columns to match those on the door to the building but the roof tiles don’t even match. . . . It just doesn’t flow with the rest of the property.”

Another problem the house had was rotting window frames—unsurprising on a 200-year-old structure—so $180,000 was spent bringing the upstairs dormers up to snuff.

Security Considerations

Of course, being a home of royalty, more money also needed to be spent on accommodations for the baby’s nanny and extra security. Due to these considerations, floor plans of the interior were not made public and the only pictures of the property available have been taken from the air. The area has been decreed strictly private and the driveway’s privacy gate has been moved farther away down the road.

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