A Taste of Summer Interior Design

It’s already summery in some parts of the U.S., and that means people are looking for ways to cool down and bring the outdoors inside. (It’s amazing: the delicate balance between the temperature being just right, a little too warm, and uncomfortably hot.) Each year interior designers come out with a tweaked palette for the summer months and fill magazines with beautiful pictures of elegantly furnished, fabulous design.

If you’d like to make your home a summertime oasis, incorporate some new pizzazz into your color palette, and make your home fashionable and comfortable without the price tag involved with an interior designer, here are a few ideas to help you out.

Is That Wood?

Wood floors are blissfully cool on hot summer days, and easier to clean when kids track in mud or swimming pool water than carpeted floors would be. However, wood brings its own challenges, including scratches, dents, and damage to the stain. One way to combat this problem is to look into wood porcelain tiles, a flooring material that looks like luxury hardwood, but is actually as easy to clean and maintain as tile.

Replace Old Hardware

Are those long summer days shedding a little too much light on your water-stained faucets and fixtures? A quick fix for any kitchen or bathroom could be replacing your old fixtures with new, modern ones. Stainless steel is still popular, but gold tones are returning to the fore as well. Consider having a combination of materials in your home to add variety and visual interest.

Change Up Your Accents

Though it’s impractical to change your interior design with every whim and vagary of the latest interior design trends, you might find your home more interesting if you change out a few colors once or twice a year, even if you just save the accents for one of the colors and bring them out again when you’ve grown tired of your current colors.

In warm weather months, you might go with cooler colors to make you feel more comfortable indoors. Pairing gray with shades of green or blue are what’s currently popular, but you could also just go with any colors you already have a few shades of.

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Source: jsonline.com/sponsoredarticles/home-decorating/brighten-and-heighten-your-interior-design-with-5-simple-tips-for-summer8089170101-258930411.html


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