What To Do After A Remodel

Every time you start a new project, you’ve probably noticed that the last finishing touches are the hardest. Getting started is the easy part because you’re so excited, but the last few things may take you weeks to do. After all the contractors are gone and there isn’t much left to do, you’re going to need to make a list of everything you still need to do and just do it.

A Quick Checklist

If you aren’t quite sure what you need to do to finish up, here’s a quick checklist from Forbes:

• Make sure everything works: Don’t let your contractors leave until you’ve made sure everything they did works properly. It would suck to find a problem after you’ve already made a final payment. This includes opening and shutting all cupboards, checking all the lights, and even making sure the windows move up and down still.
• Send in warranty cards: Almost everything you buy comes with a warranty, but only if you register it. Make sure you fill out the cards and send them in to make sure you are covered.
• Update homeowner’s insurance: If you don’t update it, you may not be able to make claims in an emergency. The insurance company is only going to pay you for what they have to, which means they won’t pay for your new flooring or appliances.
• Keep extra materials: If you need to replace a floor board or touch up a wall, it is easier to use the old stuff than to try and match paint later. Make sure you keep the extra materials stored if possible.
• Check on the legal stuff: Though your contractor may have promised to have filed all the necessary paperwork, it is safer just to double check and make sure it all got done. It will protect you from any future liability.
• Create a reno box: You will get quite a lot of information handed to you during the renovation, including receipts, contact info, and contracts. Make sure you keep it all in one box or one file in your cabinet. Maybe you won’t need it now, but you might need it in the next couple of years.

Last Thing’s Last

The last thing you need to do is enjoy the job. If you’ve tested everything to make sure it works and are satisfied with the way it looks, then you deserve a chance to sit down and enjoy the new renovation. Maybe you won’t love it forever, but at least you can love it for now.

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Sources: forbes.com/sites/houzz/2014/04/17/finish-your-remodel-right-10-tasks-to-check-off/


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