3 Ways To Transform Your Living Room

With busy work schedules, kids to run places, appointments to keep, and groceries to shop for, many people simply feel like they don’t have time to redecorate. In their minds, redecoration involves buying all new furniture, switching up the entire home’s color scheme, and possibly even replacing carpet and repainting the walls. This simply isn’t so, however. Many times, it’s the details that make a home feel fresh and new. Here are 10 ways to redecorate your living room without breaking the bank or tying up every Saturday for the next 3 months.

New Window Treatments

You’d be surprised what a difference a new set of curtains can make. Does your room often feel too cold or too warm? Get insulated curtains that will help block drafts from the window. Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough natural light? Sometimes, curtains can actually improve lighting by reflecting sunlight through the room. Do you want your room to appear taller? Don’t hang your curtains from the top of your window, extend them up to the ceiling to elongate the room.

Make Use of Blank Walls

You can kill two birds with one stone implementing this project: Personalize your home and finally do something with all those pictures you’ve been taking. Buy 9 to 12 square frames of the same size and color (measure your wall first so you know how much space you have). Print and cut the same number of family pictures so they are about three inches shorter on each side than the frames.

Place the pictures in the middle of the frames and then hang the frames equidistant apart in either a 3×3 or 4×3 pattern on the wall. The wide mat space you leave around the pictures will help keep your photo wall from feeling too busy, and the number of frames will turn your wall into a miniature art gallery of your family.

Mount Your TV

Been feeling like you don’t know what to do with the wall above your TV? Need more shelf space? Mount your TV on the wall and get a nice long, wide TV stand to place beneath it. You’ll still have space to keep your various movie players and gaming systems, but your wall will feel less empty and the living room will feel less crowded.

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Source: shushinyourhome.blogspot.com/p/before-and-afters.html


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