Top Remodeling Projects For Each Room of The House

When you’re trying to maximize your home’s value prior to selling it, you’ll want to know which projects will return the most bang for your buck. After all, you can’t expect to get all the money back of your initial investment. However, it can make a difference in making your home stand out among the rest of the neighborhood or increasing its saleability.

Increase Kitchen Storage
People want maximum space in their kitchens, so look into what you can do to add cupboard or storage space. Extend cabinets all the way to the ceiling, or convert an empty corner into a food preparation center. Corner cabinets can have rotating lazy susans installed that allow for easy utilization of space. Add drawers or shelving to a pantry to improve space usage.

Think About Bathroom Users
Bathrooms should be customized according to their usage. It’s lots better to personalize than assume one size fits all. Make sure layout and functionality fit with the likely users. For instance, a bathroom shared by two bedrooms will likely be used by kids. Install double sinks to make mornings and bedtime routines go faster. suggested adding a “pullout stepstool built in to the vanity so little ones can reach the sink, and no-slip tile to avoid any bath time slips.” In a master bath suite, make it luxurious with a heated marble floor and lots of natural light. For a guest bathroom, suggested, “Incorporate extra shelving so guests have a place to store items without feeling intrusive.”

Living Room Windows
People love to hear the words “energy efficient.” Install new windows that help insulate the home more effectively and improve the home’s curb appeal. For homes in neighborhoods with lots of neighborhood kids, it’s a good idea to install impact-resistant windows (you never know when they might come in contact with a wrestling match or wayward baseball).

Revamp The Backyard
Is your town blessed with nice weather? Maybe an outdoor kitchen or built-in barbecue is what you need to help up your home’s value. Stainless steel appliances and cement counters will resist the elements and won’t rust. A brick patio with fire pit will maximize enjoyment for the whole family. Even a nicely manicured lawn can make all the difference in turning a disaster of a backyard into a garden-like paradise.

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