Getting Ready For Retirement Living

The style in which you live is constantly in flux as you age. Obviously your bedroom as a young adult was different from what it looked like when you were a teenager. As people marry, pursue careers, have children, the style of living that works for them will also morph and change to fit their new needs and socioeconomic status. That living style undergoes a final change as people retire and choose how they wish to live the rest of their life.

Moving To A Senior Neighborhood

One option available to retirees is moving from those busy, noisy, child-filled neighborhoods to a senior community. These neighborhoods usually have an age restriction for residents and tend to be close to grocery shopping, gas, and other necessary services. Sometimes aging adults choose to move to these because yard work might be provided for them or because they’re located close to children and grandchildren. Such homes should also be wheelchair and special needs accessible, which feature might not be required now, but could come in handy in the long run.

Planning Your Downsize

Maryann Fisher, a designer with Decorating Den Interiors, said the retirees she works with are often looking for a smaller, more easily maintainable home in an area where they’ll have friends of the same age and at the same phase of life. To help them plan for this next step, she would measure the new home and the old one and provide suggestions for what furniture will fit and what should be nixed. She did this recently for the mother of a friend of hers.

“By planning ahead,” Fisher explained, “the extra furniture that wouldn’t be used could be disbursed before she leave her current home. This should not only save moving expenses, but can also avoid the feeling that her things would be taken away at the new home.”

Choose The Right Timing

Fisher also suggested people make the move before it’s urgent, thus cutting down on the options and causing their costs to go through the roof. When people ask whether they should wait or downsize now, she says, “Yes, do it now, because you deserve it.” Or, if you foresee a move 5 or more years in the future, she said you might “freshen up your home and enjoy it until you decide to make the downsize move.”

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