Give Yourself A Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Where are the places you spend the most time? If you’re like the average person, you are probably thinking your desk at the office and your room at home. However, have you ever considered how much time you spend in the bathroom? If you live to be eighty, you will have likely spent at least three of those years in the bathroom, according to ABC News. So why not make your bathroom a place you can feel comfortable? Here’s how you can do a luxury bathroom remodel.

Look At Other Ideas

The first thing you’ll want to do is check other people’s luxury bathroom remodel jobs. One example might be the Chermak Construction bathroom, according to My Edmonds News. This bathroom, which is bigger than most of our bedrooms, features a claw-foot tub, a fireplace, and plenty of room to hang your clothes. Maybe you can’t get that large or extravagant of a bathroom, but at least it can give you ideas of what you would like to make the room feel more luxurious. Maybe you do want a fireplace and a big, comfy tub. Maybe you just want your bathroom to feel peaceful, or maybe the chaos of many colors can help you feel relaxed. Look at what other people are doing to figure out what you would like best.

Start With The Basics

The basic things you actually need in your bathroom are a toilet, sink, and shower/bath. If you are like most people, you’ll want a separate shower and tub. Even if you can’t get a new tub or new shower, you can make small improvements though. Try putting candles around the tub. You can even get a new shower head to make it feel more luxurious. If you close your eyes, you may even be able to pretend you are in some fancy hotel. Maybe you can’t have double sinks, but you can also decorate here. Again, light some candles and put up some decorations that fit with your personality. Make the bathroom feel like home with what you put on the sink. The hardest part is somehow making the toilet feel more luxurious. You can always get those special toilets with the heated seats and that flush for you when you are done. There are even some that are remote-activated. No matter what you choose, adding a seat cover and some decorations behind you will give it a more homey feeling. And if you get bored on the toilet, you can even add a magazine rack on the wall. Top it all off with fancy rugs and window coverings. It won’t cost that much to change a small bathroom, but in the end, you will end up feeling like you got a luxury bathroom remodel.

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