Preparation Crucial To Successful And Speedy Remodeling

You’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and do it: It’s time to repaint. Quick, before your resolution deserts you run to the store and buy a couple buckets of paint. What about a paintbrush? Or should it be a paint roller? Do you need a paint tray? Get a couple of everything. Wow, there are a lot of shades of white. Which one do you currently have? It looks pretty close to a couple of these, maybe buy one of each. After all, the home improvement store is just around the corner. You can always come back and spend more money . . .

I hope you realize how silly that whole train of thought sounded. Yet, that’s how some homeowners approach remodeling. They finally gather the gumption to do something about their houses and rush out to begin work while they have the chance. However, as with the example above, you’ll quickly realize there are far more options out there than you might have guessed. Plus, if it’s a DIY, you’ll need to check on what tools you have, what you need, what variations are available, what a reasonable price is, etc.

Advice From The Speedy Reno Master
The takeaway message here is that proper renovations should be thoroughly planned and thought through before they’re begun. Andrew Winter, an Australian renovator who appears on Australian television show, Selling Houses Australia, described his process as a series of steps.

Price Your Plan
“Never start without costing [pricing] your plans and allowing a small contingency,” Winter said. ”Ensure you know you can afford it and that the money will be available when you need it.” On his show, time is of the essence because his team must makeover a home in only 3 days.

Arrange Materials And Tools
Another tip to help speed up your renovation is to pick out all of your tools and materials before you even think of beginning. There should be no running back and forth from the store to your house. You should know your color scheme, your preferred flooring materials, and any fixtures you plan on installing or replacing before touching anything.

Know Your Order
Once everything is assembled and work begins, make sure you know what order everything needs to go in, especially if you’re performing a major renovation. Winter said, “You need to know who should come on site and what order. Painters arriv[ing] when the walls haven’t been sheeted is going to ruin the schedule.”

Be On Site
Last of all, Winter said it’s important for you to be on site as much as possible, even if you aren’t taking a hand in the work. “Mistakes can and probably will be made,” Winter warned, “but if they are discovered while the trades [contractors] are still there . . . you will save yourself a lot of time and money.”

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