Budget-Friendly Options For Replacing Old Furniture

When it comes time to get new furniture, many people think their only option is to check out nearby furnishing stores. So they’ll hit the name brand businesses, experiencing sticker shock as they realize how pricey new, attractive furniture can be, then come back home and wonder if maybe their threadbare couch couldn’t last just a few more years. Sometimes furnishing stores will have sales, but Murphy’s Law is that it will never be on the furniture you want.

Check Out CraigsList.com
But what other options do you have? Several, actually. First of all, get rid of the notion that furniture shopping must be done at IKEA, Oak Express, RC Willey, or the like. Though these definitely offer high quality options, those come with correspondingly high prices which not everyone can afford. CraigsList.com is actually my first go-to source when I look for new furniture. Yes, the furniture is technically not “new” then, but people often sell like-new furniture when they need to move quickly or find they don’t have the room they thought they did when they originally purchased their couch set. Gently used furniture can be just as nice, and both options come with prices reduced from that of the store.

Refurbish And Renew
Another option if you feel particularly attached to your existing furniture but can’t bear for guests to have to sit on it in the state it’s in, you can always refurbish it yourself or hire a company to do it. The style actually has a name: Shabby chic or vintage. It requires some effort, but you can customize the result and take pride in accomplishing something with your own two hands. The process is different for each furniture piece, but generally you’ll have to sand the old finish or paint off the wood before you can refinish or repaint it. An electric sander will make this process much quicker.

If it’s the cushions that need some TLC, consider either hiring a refurbisher to create new cushions or cushion covers, or make your own. Again, this will take time, so you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each possibility carefully. And in fact, you don’t have to refurbish your own old furniture, you may find that a flea market, garage sale, or antique shop has a furniture piece you could spruce up to make it fit into your home.

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Source: lubbockonline.com/business-focus/2014-03-10/furniture-renovations-fixes-worn-furniture-call-now-chair-special#.Ux9noPldU_U


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