What To Look For In A Good Contractor

When you choose your home improvement contractor, you don’t want to flip open the phonebook, close your eyes, point to the page, and hire that one. There should be a good deal of research and circumspection involved in the hiring process, not to mention contact with references, analysis of previous work, and getting a price quote in writing before any contracts are signed.

The Proper Process
Besides this, you should have a code of standard to adhere to when you’re hiring someone to work on something as intimate as your very home. Peter [last name withheld] is the owner of Professional Services Unlimited in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, said, “Many companies talk about customer service, but how many of them really understand what that means?” There are several keys to determining whether a company has good customer service which Peter outlines in an article for Canadian publication The Record.

Aim For The Highest Standards
First, Peter said, home renovation contractors should aim for the highest standards. Houses affect the well-beings of the families that live in them and contractors have a sacred trust to uphold the safety and security of the home. There should be no inclination to cut corners or leave sloppy workmanship as it is. A good contractor will work to give you the highest service and follow all regulations and requirements. In fact, Peter said in his own work, he aims to complete work higher than the code requires.

Plan For The Future
Peter said a good contracting company “plans for future problems and opportunities and suggests the work necessary to make life easier for the customer in the long term,” even if that means cutting into his profit margin. Contractors should be aware of the generally state of the home as they work and suggest ways work could be done quicker, more cheaply, and more efficiently.

Take Responsibility
Good contractors will also take responsibility for their actions and the state they leave the home in when they leave the jobsite. If work is going on in a part of the house where the family is living, contractors should do their best to clean up after themselves and keep the home secure.
Lastly, Peter said, “Good customer service is not just about doing the job well but treating customers as they would a friend. Landlords and families with aging parents [should] trust the company to complete jobs with honesty and integrity.”

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Source: therecord.com/shopping-story/4357438-renovations-remodelling-and-relationships-three-ways-home-improvement-company-earns-customer-trust/


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