3 Tips For Home Decor From A Design Pro

It’s no exaggeration to say Darren Palmer is an expert at interior design. Besides having years of experience as an interior designer, he also served as a judge on Australia’s home renovation show, “The Block.” Now he’s renovating his own home and he allowed reporters from the Australian newspaper Courier to come take a look at the “before” picture of his home. While they were there he let them in on his top rules for interior decoration and design.

Avoid “Safe” Design
He’s a big fan of taking chances, so you won’t see any staid, boring design combinations in his home. “People typically make a bunch of safe decisions,” he said. “The problem with safe interiors is they just don’t cut the mustard.”

Contrasting Elements
Viewers of his home will first be struck by his penchant for contrast. He has dark gray slab walls, similar smoky-colored furnishings, and white carpet. He also has tall windows which provide a lot of natural light and ties in the white to his furnishings with white throw pillows, a white matte for a large picture framed on the wall, and white accessories on his geometric bookshelves. Palmer explained his choices, saying, “Tie materials and textures into groups but you need to throwin in contrast against the walls in terms of color.”

Incorporate Personality
Palmer also stressed the need to incorporate your personality into the room. You can do this with artwork, sculptures, plant life, window treatments, and personal pictures. “All these things show your personality and reflect you in your own space,” he said. You won’t want visitors to think they’ve entered a showroom floor or a fancy hotel room when they walk around your home. Make sure anything you hang on your walls means something to you. Don’t just pick out artwork or decorations because they’re the “in” thing.

Be In Charge of Your Lighting
A third tip Palmer wanted to stress was the importance of lighting. It helps create the ambience you want and will highlight the important functions of a room. You can never go wrong with natural lights, but also look into accent lamps and pendant lighting to create the light and shadow you want in your home. It’s all about textures. Palmer added, “Don’t let your electrician be in control or you’ll have no ambience.”

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Source: dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/city-east/the-block-judge-and-design-guru-darren-palmer-shares-top-five-tips-to-a-better-looking-home/story-fngr8h22-1226819772626


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