Choosing The Right Headboard For Your Decor Theme

Bedroom design tends to be dominated by your choice of bedspread—it is the largest source of color for the room, after all. With it you can set your bedroom’s “mood.” Bright colors and large print make a room feel warm, black and white are more formal, dark colors make the room feel cool, etc. However, your bedspread isn’t the only design choice that can have a big impact on your room. The bed’s headboard is at least as important, and changing it can completely transform a bedroom.

Function VS Decor
Headboards may no longer be functional pieces, but as a piece of decor their significance cannot be understated. They can also be prohibitively expensive, so the savvy buyer has two options: look for discounted headboards that may not quite fit your style but do fit your budget, or create your own.

Megan Rutherford, a contributor for, said, “Many of us get stuck in a rut when it comes to the design of a headboard . . . But there are so many great DIY ideas that exist online for headboards that can be done quickly, easily, and on a budget.”

Use Principles of Proportion
First, don’t choose a headboard that overwhelms your space. A little bedroom should not have a massive headboard. Conversely, a tiny headboard in a large room can be a little underwhelming—proportion is key. You’ll also want the headboard to match other key elements of your room. Is your nightstand black? Perhaps a mahogany headboard wouldn’t be the best choice. However, if your theme is black and white, a white headboard with black nightstand might look nice together.

Paint A Focal Wall
Another way to incorporate your headboard into the room is to highlight with a focal wall backdrop. Paint the wall you place your bed on a bright color that draws attention to the headboard if you’ve chosen a headboard that is crucial to the room design. At the same time, don’t over complicate the room. A wallpaper with a busy pattern should not be paired with a busy bedspread, throw pillows, and intricate headboard.

“The options for headboards are never-ending from different sizes, styles, fabrics, wood materials, or metal,” Rutherford said. “Don’t forget to add in a footboard if the design needs more balance, but in most cases you can get by with just having a headboard in place.”

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