Easy Fixes To Renovation Problems

After years of recovery, the U.S. housing market has come a good way towards getting back on its feet. In fact, according to the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, an estimate by the National Association of Home Builders’ Remodeling Market Index has put the current remodeling market at its highest levels since 2004. However, before you run out to Home Depot to join the fray, realize that home renovation isn’t as easy as you might think. There are some problems that can be expensive to fix if you don’t know how to do it.

Adding A Bathroom
The Journal, luckily, had some good ideas on how to solve some of the most common renovation problems. For instance, adding a bathroom is a popular renovation option and it has a good return on investment. However, it can be difficult finding space to fit an additional bathroom to an existing home where plumbing lines may be far from where you want it to be. One option for making this work is to install up-flush plumbing. This works when you want to add a bathroom to a basement with concrete flooring as well. Up-flush plumbing will have a macerating pump which breaks up paper and waste so that it can be pumped upward into the sewer system.

Letting In Sunlight
People also like to have as much natural light as possible in their homes, but some rooms are too large or have no exterior walls to allow for windows. The solution: skylights. Not only do skylights help cut down on the need for artificial light, they also provide natural sunlight which has been proven to improve peoples’ moods and reduce instances of depression. If the home has multiple stories and a room on the ground floor lacks light, homeowners can look into installing tubular light which can bring the light down through the upper story.

Hiding A Door

Doorways pose complex problems—there has to be room left for a door to swing open and closed and sometimes there just isn’t space. Another situation is when a door isn’t needed often, or a swinging door would clash with the decor. In all of these instances, a pocket door might be the answer. Though generally beyond the skill of the average homeowner to construct, pocket doors are relatively inexpensive and take almost no room because they can be slid back into the wall.

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Source: lubbockonline.com/advertising/2014-01-04/astoundingly-simple-solutions-renovation-challenges#.Us8GvfRDsol


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