Interior Design Trends Emerging In 2014

We’ll soon be ringing in the new year and homeowners will be wondering what 2014 interior design trends they should be looking forward to. Will we be inundated with vibrant yellows and greens? Will we be hanging our walls with pieces of abstract art? Will we be plastering over our wooden floors with shag carpet? That last one is unlikely, but you never know when trends will reoccur. The Wall Street Journal canvassed a few home decor pros to help and they came up with the styles homeowners should be watching for.

That’s right—those woven pieces of art popular in the 70s have come back in style. My grandmother can leave off remodeling her bathroom for a little while longer. Ms. Burham, an interior designer, said, “It’s sculpture for your wall that adds texture and replaces wallpaper or fine art you can’t afford.” Ace Hotel chain and well-known architect Barbara Bestor have already adopted this trend.

Sheer Drapery
Heavy drapes are drooping off the popularity scale as people continue the trend of wide open spaces. Open floor plans call for light, airy window treatments. New York designer Celerie Kemble explained, “Everyone wants greater transparency and more light.” However, avoid the old fashioned lace in favor of sheer fabrics, which Los Angeles designer Kim Alexandriuk said “are no longer granny-ish and polyester. The new ones in linen and wool look rich.”

Corduroy Upholstery
If you’re looking to replace your furniture or get it recovered in the near future, try looking into corduroy. Ms. Burnham said, “It’s the casual alternative to velvet and the preppy version of chenille.” Put it on formal chairs and look into wider wales, which Mr. Harte said make “gutsier” statements.

White Kitchens
White might sound like a boring choice, but done well it can look clean, shiny, and open, much like the open floor plan and sheer fabric. Plus, people may begin to wander away from the stainless steel appliance look in favor of the new look made popular by white iPhones and other technological devices. NYC designer Fawn Galli said, “The new white-glass appliances add cleanliness and calm, unlike ubiquitous stainless steel” which looks a lot like industrial appliances.

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