How To Select And Hang Artwork

Selecting and hanging appropriate artwork for your home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Each piece should coordinate with the other pieces you have already selected, complement the style of the room, and be an appropriate size for the space you have available. If you’re not a professional art curator, the task of tastefully decorating your home might seem daunting. However, the experts at have done their fair share of artwork selection and have come up with some tips on how to select and hang beautiful artwork in your home.

Complement The Color Palette

If you’ve never seen a color wheel, it would behoove you to look one up before trying to coordinate colors in your home. A color wheel can tell you what colors are complementary, which means you know which ones look best with each other. Colors situated directly across the color wheel from each other are “complements” which is why red and green look so good together—it’s not just because they symbolize Christmas and the holiday season. Similarly, blue and orange and yellow and purple are complementary pairs. Try to use color theory in your interior design.

Don’t Hang Them High (or Low)

Appropriate height for pictures allows viewers to look at them comfortably without craning their necks up or having to bend down. experts said, “Art that’s too high or low is a dead giveaway of a decorating rookie. Eye-level is the goal so, unless you hang out with a lot of giants, aim for the middle of your piece (not the hook, that will be higher) to be about 57” high. So if your picture is 30” tall, you would want to measure so the middle (15” from the top) is at 57”. If the picture is hung by a wire, you would need to take into account the hang when you mark how high the hook needs to be.

Listen To Your Gut

Sometimes you end up with decorations or pieces of art you just don’t love. It’s hard to get rid of them though because they came from a good friend or you spent money on them. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the decoration, it just doesn’t fit your style or the wall you hung it on. Don’t ignore those feelings. Change what doesn’t seem right or else you’ll never be totally at peace in that room. designers suggested, “Even if you spent time and money [on your artwork] . . . not addressing what you know isn’t working is costing you even more energy and satisfaction with your home.

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