Staging Homes Ups Salability And Perceived Home Value

Have you ever walked through a beautiful home furnished with immaculate furniture, hung with tasteful paintings, and arranged in perfect symmetry? This is often seen in Parade of Homes where they put the best home of the subdivision forward and reveal to prospective homeowners the potential of the homes they’re looking at. These arrangements that are so elegant yet so simple did not arrange themselves. Much careful thought and planning went into each potted plant and side table placed in those houses.

Stagers Work For Homeowners

Clive Daniel Home is one company developers hire to furnish their completed homes. Studies have shown furnished homes sell faster than empty ones. This facet of the interior design job is known as “staging” and involves “selecting and placing total furniture and accessories in every room of the house, making it ready for the buyer to move right in.” Interior designers will also perform this service, for a fee, to individual homeowners.

De-Cluttering As A Form of Staging

This is much more intricate of a job than furnishing and arranging an empty, un-lived in house. Staging an occupied home might mean rearranging the homeowner’s furniture in a more attractive pattern or bringing in show furniture the designer owns. Kris Kolar, vice president of design at Clive Daniel Home, said, “Staging is frequently is [sic] as much as removing items and de-cluttering as it is putting in. De-cluttering makes the rooms appear larger to a prospective buyer.”

Good Stagers Save Homeowners Money

A good stager finds the best ways to arrange the home without costing the homeowner more than is necessary. For instance, instead of replacing a worn or out-dated couch, they might suggest placing a slipcover over it.  Stagers should also make use of available architectural aspects, like replacing dark, heavy drapes with lighter fabrics in order to open up and enhance a window’s view.

Maintain A Neutral Palate

Jill Kersey is an interior designer with Clive Daniel Home and she said, “When staging a home it is important to remove any design ‘theme’ and retain a neutral palate so that 9 out of 10 people will feel comfortable when they walk through the door. Having a neutral palate will enable people to envision themselves in the home a lot easier.”

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