New Kleenex Patterns Inspired By Interior Design

The last time you blew your nose did you take an extra moment to think about all the forethought and design efforts that go into something as simple as a facial tissue? Probably not. Nevertheless, every product found on store shelves is backed by design and marking departments, including Kleenex.


Kleenex Reminds Us of Life’s Simple Moments

Kleenex has been around since 1923 and has been so effectively branded that its brand name has come to be used interchangeably with “facial tissue.” Its most recent designs it says are “inspired by the latest trends in interior design, the new range adds elegance to any home.” There are 5 unique designs for Kleenex boxes and tissues. The designers say the patterns and colors “serve as a reminder to uncover the softness in the simple moments of each day.”


5 New Patterns

Since today’s interior design trends are known for their simplicity and classic feel, the marketers have branded one of the five designs “Classique.” Another design is inspired by the Arabic style of décor, and is thus labeled “Arabesque.” The “Mosaic” design is supposed to reflect “the artistic sense” of Kleenex and its consumers. “Décor” is yet another version which is meant to blend smoothly into many different interiors. Finally, “Garden” speaks of nature and is supposed to engender feelings of positivity and rejuvenation. Who knew a simple box of Kleenex could represent so much?


2013 Product of The Year Award

Interestingly, Kleenex was awarded Product of the Year in 2013, so ubiquitous is its usage. The “Arabesque” pattern won the packaging design award which was lauded for its throwback to the “artistically rich oriental culture.”


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