Fresh Ideas For Redoing The Living Room

The living room is one of the rooms you spend the most time in each day, so you’ll want to feel comfortable in it. It’s also the room your guests will see when they visit, so you’ll want it to be welcoming, up-to-date, and attractive. If you’re interesting in renovating your living room, here are some tips and tricks from the experts.


Hang Up Mirrors

One new fad is hanging grouped mirrors on an accent wall. Mirrors provide an interesting focal point, as well as making the room appear bigger than it really is. The mirrors can be identical in size and shape or purposely contrast with each other. Mirrors can also have interesting frames which will help tie the mirrors to the design of the rest of the room.


Bring Nature In

Incorporating some sort of nature motif can make your room feel more welcoming. You can go all out with rustic furniture, rough-hewn side tables, and hardwood chairs or you can use a more subtle theme like leafs, trees, deer, or other woodland accessories. Pictures of nature or potted plants can also help you bring the natural feel inside.


Invest In Marble

You might not be able to afford to incorporate actual marble into your interior design plan, but you can use a marble pattern. According to one expert, you should try looking out “for clever statement pieces such as marble wallpaper” which provides “the perfect way of covering that awkward feature wall or alcove.”


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