Time, Money, and Interior Design

Hiring an interior designer can be a great idea if you want to make your home’s interior look especially dazzling. However, their services don’t come free and they likely won’t come cheap either. Phoebe Howard, a designer based out of Florida, said, “A good designer should be able to tell you whether you can have what you’re envisioning for the money you’re able to spend.” It’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes our eyes can be bigger than our checkbooks, which is why having a trustworthy designer with an eye for detail is a must.


Fees Start At $4 Per Square Foot

According to Cathy Davin, president of Davin Interiors in Pittsburgh, interior design fees will vary from state to state, but “they tend to range between about $4 per square foot for limited services like choosing a room’s color palette and furniture layout to $10 or more per square foot for full project management.”


Get Estimates In Writing

When you ask your interior designer for an estimate, be sure to get it in writing with an itemized cost sheet if possible. If adjustments must be made as the project gets underway, get each additional change in writing as well.


Be Prepared For The Time It Takes

Every extra call or meeting with your designer will cost you money, so it will behoove you to move the process along as quickly as possible. Thus, it’s a good idea to come to an agreement on styles and design options with your spouse before consulting with your designer. Also, Davin said, “Design projects can move slowly . . . Redecorating a master bedroom or family room can take at least three months. Design and decorating work for a home that’s not yet built might take 18 months or more.”


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Source: http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/viewart/20130329/LIFE/303290059/Hiring-working-home-decorator


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