Paint Colors Make Big Impact On Home Buyers

When they enter the real estate market, homeowners are understandably anxious to be sure their house is portrayed in the most attractive light possible. One aspect of the home that ought not to be overlooked is the color of the walls. The wrong color might break a house while the right colors could make it.

White Is Not The Only Neutral Color

Lisa Vaamonde, one of the vice presidents of Brown Harris Stevens, a Manhattan real estate agency, said, “As clean and neutral a palette as possible is ideal.” That’s because it makes it easier for possible home buyers to picture themselves there. But this doesn’t necessarily mean every wall must be plain white. Even within the color “white” there are a vast variety of hues, from ivory to cream. Vaamonde explained, “Benjamin Moore has a whole series of gentle whites” which even include pale shades of blue, pink, and yellow.

Try Highlighting “Feature” Walls

Shades of white aren’t the only options. A new trend is the painting of “feature” walls. Christopher Coleman, a Brooklyn-based interior designer said that feature walls make “a home more memorable without going overboard on color.” He also suggested adding color in places people wouldn’t expect, for instance the walls of the master closet. “Walk-in closets don’t have to be white, especially if you have so much cabinetry that there’s very little wall,” according to Coleman. “Put a happy color there.”

If you are still determined to use brighter colors in your home, be sure to use warm, natural colors such as blue-gray or gray-green. These colors can still be considered neutral and Vaamonde said, “People respond to [these colors] better.”

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