Experts Suggest Money-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips

People tend to be reluctant to do in depth spring cleaning for two reasons: lack of time and lack of money for the proper supplies. Figuring out the time component is up to you, but Sue Perry, deputy editor of ShopSmart Magazine has suggested some helpful ways to save you money on your cleaning.


Avoid Purchasing Dedicated Products

One of Perry’s main tips is to “use affordable products that serve more than one purpose.” Her cleaner of choice? Pine-Sol. In ShopSmart tests, “it beat 18 pricier cleaners and it left no streaks.” It’s useful for more than just mopping, too. It can be diluted (one quarter cup added to one gallon of water) and put in a spray bottle.

Another cleaner that has multiple uses is Comet. It can even be used to clean the toilet. Instead of choosing a cleaner that can only be used for the toilet bowl, you can sprinkle Comet on all dirty surfaces and then scrub.


Make DIY Cleaners

Experts with ShopSmart also suggested you make your own cleaners. Vinegar is a common household product that can be added to water to create a potent cleaning product. Another option is ammonia which, when combined with dishwasher detergent (without bleach) and water makes a great all-purpose cleaner. The main thing is to never combine ammonia with bleach, as this can produce poisonous vapors.

You can cut costs with your cleaning tools as well. Cut all your sponges, scouring pads, and laundry sheets in half to make your supplies last twice as long.
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