Interior Decorating Tips: Painting Edition

So you’ve been dying to change the color of some of the rooms in your home but don’t know how to get started. Maybe you’re not sure if you want to hire a painter or do it yourself. Then there’s the decision of what colors to use. With so much to think about it can be one of the most overwhelming interior decorating projects you’ll have to do.

Consider these helpful tips when undertaking a painting project in your home.


Some Painting Dos

·         Remember to pick a color you can live with, because you’re going to have to

·         If you think a certain color looks risky, it is

·         Remember the color looks different on the store’s color chart than it will on your wall

·         Get the opinion of your family and friends before choosing the color

·         Choose colors that contrast but also complement each other

·         Remember bright colors make a room appear bigger while dark colors make a room appear smaller

·         Remember that you may need several coats to change between two very different colors


Some Painting Don’ts

·         Never choose a color that makes the wrong statement

·         If you’re having to talk yourself into liking a color, don’t pick it

·         Don’t paint before evaluating how the paint looks when it’s dried


Hiring A Painter

·         Evaluate how long they’ve been in business and how much experience they have

·         Know if the painter uses employees or subcontractors and make sure they are covered by insurance

·         Make sure the painter has a state-issued license

·         Don’t pick a painter that cuts corners on the prep work

·         Get and then contact references

·         Get an accurate and formal estimate

·         Don’t settle for the least expensive because it’s the least expensive


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