The Do-It-Yourself Remodel: Is It Dying?

According to the US Remodeling Sentiment Report for spring 2013, there has been an increase in high-end remodeling projects where the homeowner does little or no work but hires a general contractor instead. These and other findings suggest that the do-it-yourself home remodel might quickly become a thing of the past.


Some Notable Findings

As the US recovers from a financial crisis, more and more homeowners are saying that the economy isn’t affecting their remodeling plans. The average cost for remodeling projects and number of rooms being added is on the rise again. Of homeowners planning a remodel, 80% say that they will be doing little, if any, of the actual work. So with the growing of the remodeling industry, why is it that the do-it-yourself remodel isn’t growing as well?


The End of DIY Remodeling?

While the statistics may certainly suggest that the DIY remodel has lost popularity, a more plausible explanation the disproportionate economic recovery. The wealthy are recovering faster than the middle class and resuming their remodeling plans by consulting general contractors and hired labors. As the US continues to recover from the financial crisis it is likely that the number of DIY remodeling projects will increase to where they were before the crisis. So perhaps, this isn’t the end of the do-it-yourself homeowner after all.


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