Redecorating Resolutions For Your Home

If you haven’t sat down and written out your list of New Year’s Resolutions yet, it’s not too late! And even if you have some sort of list in mind, you might want to add a note somewhere to “reorganize” or “redecorate” your home.
These words are often enough to strike fear into homeowners’ hearts, but redecoration doesn’t have to be expensive or intense. It can be as simple as painting a wall in your bedroom a new accent color or cleaning out under the bed. Several interior designers have weighed in on the subject to give you some simple, yet elegant solutions to your redecorating needs.

Spring Cleaning Turbo Charged
You don’t have to do a complete and thorough cleaning of your home yet. Instead, Desi Creswell of Desi Interior Design suggests you “tackle one space at a time and give [yourself] a time limit to help keep [yourself] focused (say 30 minuDtes to an hour).” After that time limit is up, look at what you need to toss and what is left and then go out and buy matching storage containers to keep your remaining belongings organized.

Rearrange And Renew
Has it been a while since you rearranged your furniture? Sometimes that’s all it takes to make your house feel fresh and revitalized. You can do the same thing with art and other wall decorations. Maybe it’s time to switch out a few of those photographs hanging on the wall. Also, decide on one thing you can buy to increase your comfort—whether it’s a new nightstand for the bedroom or an updated lamp for the living room.

Out With The Old
Go through your sock drawer, sift through your shirts, and try on those old pairs of jeans. Anything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t like doesn’t need to hang around. Do the same with the belongings with every member of your household and you’ll be surprised how it all adds up.

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