Popular Interior Decorator Emanuel “Manny” Feingold Passes Away At Age 93

Known best for his love of contemporary design and for his design of the Quadrille restaurant in the old Belden-Stratford Hotel, Emanuel Feingold was a sought-after interior designer for much of his life and even continued to tweak and redecorate his own home until the day he died.


Feingold’s Upbringing

Feingold came to the United States from Lithuania as a toddler and was raised in a house designed by a pupil of Frank Lloyd Wright, which upbringing possibly inspired in him his love of interior decorating. After serving in World War II as an army supply manager, he attended Northwestern University in Chicago where he received his bachelor’s degree in business and his master’s in art history and design.


The Start of His Popularity

After completing his education, Feingold started his own business, Emanuel Feingold Interiors, where he achieved his popularity. His niece, Roni Reisler, said his business “started with relatives and it grew. To our knowledge he never actually advertised. One family in Bloomfield Hills [Mich.], he did [decorating for] three generations. He did the grandmother, the daughter, and the graddaughter.”


His Key To Success: Kindness To Customers

He was also known for his integrity and kindness to his customers. In a biographical video produced by Retrospection Media, Feingold himself said, “To care for [clients], I don’t think makes you the best businessman, but that does make you the happiest person.” Wise words from a man who boasted nearly a century of life.

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