Down And Dirty Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you want to remodel your bathroom without spending a fortune then consider some low-cost upgrades that will set you back less than a grand. According to the Proctor Journal, the following four upgrades can be done cheaply, as long as you do the labor yourself. If you don’t know how to do the work yourself, you can probably find a crash course online, and don’t forget that big box home improvement stores often offer free classes on how to do just about anything.

Change out old shower doors for a new set. Today’s doors feature designs and patterns that will compliment any décor. If your current door looks worn, stained, and scrappy, you will enjoy what a new door can do for your room. In addition, shower door manufacturer Sterling puts a protective coating on their doors, called ClearCoat, which acts as a water barrier, so your doors stay looking new.

Paint the walls and change the flooring in the bathroom for completely new look and feel. Whether you choose ceramic, tile, linoleum, or even marble, new floors will dramatically change your room. Update the walls to a modern color scheme for a relatively inexpensive yet powerful change.

After you make the other changes, update the fixtures, including towel racks, lighting, toilet, showerhead and nozzles, faucets, or sinks. You don’t have to update all your fixtures, you know which ones are dragging down the feel of the room, so change the ones that are the oldest, or look the most worn.

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