Decorating with Patents-The President’s Oval Office

In a recent interview with Michael Lewis for Vanity Fair, President Barak Obama said he and Michelle enjoy sitting on the Truman Balcony and that the first night sleeping in the White House makes “you just kind of startle awake.” He said, “There are times when you come in here and you’re having a particularly difficult day. Sometimes I come in here,” regarding the handwritten copy of the Gettysburg Address that is in the Lincoln Bedroom, and talked about the loss of “serendipity” as one of the costs that comes with the job of POTUS.

What got me most about the interview, aside from the fact that the President does enjoy his basketball, is his choice of décor for the Oval Office.


He’s Not a Disk Kind of Guy

“We came in when the economy was tanking and our first priority wasn’t redecorating,” the President said. However, the previous administration “had a bunch of plates” lining the shelves of the Oval Office, and our current Prez is “not a dish guy.” So he ditched the plates and placed famous patents and models along the shelves, including the patent for the first telegraph by Samuel Morse in 1849. “This is the start of the Internet right here,” he told Lewis.

Since then The Atlantic named him the “geek in chief,” and even though he did have some serious trouble with an iPhone, as he is still a BlackBerry man, the President has been a social media type of guy since taking office.


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