St. Louis Homeowner Gets Surprise During Home Renovation

Bryan Fite was rewiring his house in preparation of the installation of central air and heat when he came across remnants of the homes original owner.

Fite said, “The original owner lost the house and was put in a sanitarium for alcoholism. So, perhaps that might be a story behind it too, that that was his secret stash up in the attic.” While moving floor boards in the attic for the new wiring, Fite found what he thought was 13 tubes, or steam heat pipes, with something on them.

In actuality, the tubes ended up being bottles of whisky, with many being filled and unopened. The bottling date was 1917, making them nearly 100 years old. Fite said, “I’m a history buff. I like the history of it. Im my mind it’s not what they’re really worth monetarily, it’s the fact that they’re part of the history of Saint Joe and part of the history of this house.“ He continued, “It’s nice to honor and appreciate history, but I always kind of think also that things need to be left alone to a certain extent. I think it’s amazing to be able to feel a little bit energetically what’s been going on in this house for its history,” KQTV reported via CNN Newssource.

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