When To Call the Professionals

There are many improvement jobs that homeowners can tackle on their own, but some renovations are best left to professionals.

Some electrical work can be downright deadly to homeowners. Adding, replacing, or extending electrical circuits should be left to a licensed electrician. The risk of fire and electrical shock is simply too great for the average homeowner to risk.

Asbestos removal can get expensive, prompting many homeowners to attempt removal on their own. The problem is that asbestos is toxic. If not removed properly using containment precautions, a homeowner risks their own health, and the health of anyone else that could come in contact with airborne particles.

Complex plumbing projects are another area that is best left to professionals. Not so much because of the act of replacing or installing pipes, but more because pipes tucked in walls, floors, and ceilings can potentially cause significant damage, including dangerous mold growth, if there is any type of leak, no matter how small.

According to the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council, gas appliance repair, whether it’s a clothes dryer, hot water heater, or oven, should be left to professionals. Even the smallest leak can lead to a home full of carbon monoxide, risking the lives of everyone inside.

Homeowners can enjoy taking on many projects, but when a simple mistake can take lives and cause extensive damage, there’s no shame in calling in professionals.

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