Maintaining Your Deck

Home improvement experts suggest that outdoor decks owners need to perform regular maintenance to keep decks free from damage and structural integrity. When ignored, it doesn’t take long for a deck to fall into disrepair and become an accident waiting to happen.

·         Sweep away dirt and leaves at least every week. Wet leaves and rain puddles are a particular threat to your deck as the moisture can seep into the wood, and wet surfaces can grow algae, mold, and mildew.

·         Hose away mud, bird and animal droppings, and the little bits of food and debris that seem to collect in between the planks.

·         Use a cleaner to wash away all the dirt and debris that can collect in the grain of the wood, as well as areas of mold and mildew. Do this type of cleaning at least several times through the year, though monthly cleanings are best.

·         Each spring, do a deck inspection, checking for damage that may have occurred over the winter months, including insect and animal damage. Also, check for rotten, warped or loose rails, planks, and beams. Replace any damaged wood before using the deck. Inspect and secure any nails, screws, or other hardware that may have worked loose.

Doing these things on a regular basis will keep your deck looking great and keep you and your friends and family safe.

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