Updating The Old Drop Ceiling

Ceiling tiles have come a long way from the suspended ceiling of the 1980s, and updating them is easier today than ever.

Today, ceiling tiles come in many different styles and offer a wide selection of material types. Tiles today go far beyond sprucing up a basement; they can make a huge impact on the look and feel of just about any room in the house. If you already have a drop ceiling, updating the tiles for a whole new look is extremely easy, and depending on the type of tile you select, won’t hurt your pocketbook.


Plastic and Coffered tiles make statement far beyond older, flat tiles. Coffered tiles come in numerous designs that add elegance and visual interest to the room. Also known as 3-D tiles, the many designs offered by many manufacturers can be painted to create a variety of looks.

Tin and faux tin ceiling tiles have an old world look that great in bar room areas. These tiles are generally the most expensive, but the steel, brass, and copper selections make them worth the money.

Wood tiles are a wonderful way to make a statement, and generally come in a variety of wood hues. Another interesting twist is using the WoodTrac Ceiling System by Sauder, in which wood “trim” is installed over the grid system of the drop ceiling. It’s a unique look that brings a whole different kind of charm to the ceiling.

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