Summer Brings Home Improvement Scams

As the temperature rises, so does the number of home improvement contractor scams across the country. Scammers tend to target the elderly, and generally go door to door looking for their next victim. They may offer to do a variety of jobs, including spring clean-up, yard work, general home repair, and driveway and asphalt repair.

Often, the work is never completed, or sometimes even started, or the scammers may charge the victim more than they quoted for the work, and often the quote is more than a professional would charge for the job.

Before hiring any person or team to do work in or around your home, make sure they have a builder or contractor license and verify their license through your state commerce department. Check with the Better Business Bureau before signing any contracts or starting any projects to ensure the individual or company is reputable. Prior to hiring a contractor or company, verify they have active and adequate liability and worker’s compensation policies or you could be responsible for any injuries that occur on your property.

One final piece of advice: Get everything in writing,from the details of the project to the payment terms and expectations. Protect yourself as much as possible, no matter who you hire.

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