Matching Paint, The Simple Way

Choosing the color of a room can be difficult. Using small swatches of color to base your decision on can be even harder. Rest assured, there is a better way.

If you know you want your walls to be the same as those beautiful tulips in your garden, pluck a petal from your garden, and bring it in to your local paint store. Most all paint and home improvement stores have a device called a spectrophotometer, a device that reads each wavelength of light reflected off the petal, and computerized the color  measurements to produce the perfect shade of paint.

Though the spectrophotometer may not give you an exact match, it will be as close as possible, and as the natural light changes throughout the day, the hues will brighten and darken accordingly.

The spectrophotometer can match fabric, paint chips, even non-shiny metals and of course, petals, anything that doesn’t have too glossy a surface. Photographs don’t work very well, and the machine can’t read the color wavelengths off glossy surfaces. Also, the machine works best with objects larger than the size of a quarter.

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