Simple Bathroom Makeovers

All bathrooms need a change from time to time and according to Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, an interior designer and author of “Mystery of Color,” the initial hurdle for most homeowners is size. If your bathroom is small, Friedmann suggests that you begin your journey with paint, a fast easy way to revitalize any room. Coordinating the color of the bath with another room in the house will allow you to pull the design together, but don’t stop there. Bathrooms do well with bold colors and Friedmann states that bold colors and dark shades of blue, gray or green, can be a great look. Wallpaper is reportedly another avenue you can travel by considering bold colors or perhaps striped wallpaper or painting stripes, in order to give the room a sense of visual flair. Accenting the cabinets with coordinating colors can also add a new dimension to the room and is cost effective, in addition to changing out the old hardware for a more modern look. If your budget permits, replacing faucets and fixtures can add to the overall mood and you can complete the picture with coordinating bath towels and keeping accessories on walls and counters to a minimum to avoid overdoing it.


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