Re-evaluating The Concept Of Home

With the rollercoaster ride that defines the housing market these days, more homeowners are re-evaluating their relationship with their homes. What was once considered a financial asset, is now being reinvented into a “home.” With the added uncertainty of the economy, families are opting out of vacations and putting their money into making their surroundings more comfortable. According to a Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies report, home remodeling is expected to pick up in 2012 and will reportedly make it the strongest growth year since 2006.

The average homeowner doesn’t have unlimited financial resources at their disposal, so when it comes time to make those much needed repairs or remodel a room, a concerted effort goes into making intelligent, economically feasible decisions. Stephen Saint-Onge, contributing editor for Better Homes and Gardens, suggests that before you begin your new remodeling project, you “Take stock of what’s good in a room and then start dealing with the not so good.” For instance, when faced with the dilemma of inadequate storage space, consider installing inexpensive pine shelving, which can be painted or stained to complement or accent the color scheme of the room.
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