PrimeLife Offers Home Improvement Help To Seniors

It’s an unfortunate fact that whenever there is a disaster, there are people waiting in the wings to take advantage of those who were adversely affected. In Brookfield, Ill., flooding caused severe damage to many suburban homes and opened them up to being conned by scam artists posing as construction contractors. Among these people, those most vulnerable to such fraud are the elderly.

Reliable, Trusty Handymen On Demand

That’s where PrimeLife Home Improvement comes in. According to Amy Selle, director of marketing for Cantata Life Services, PrimeLife firm “specializes in providing reliable and trusted handymen and contractors to seniors who wish to remain living in their homes.” Cantata Life Services combined their efforts with that of two other nonprofit organizations to form PrimeLife.

Contractors Undergo Rigorous Testing

Selle went on, “PrimeLife offers handyman services, [from tasks] that are very simple, to actual renovation work.” Similar to organizations such as Angie’s List, this organization works to provide references to seniors who might otherwise be taken advantage of by the profligate scam artists of society. It conducts rigorous tests, including background checks and drug tests, on prospective contractors before their names can be added to their safe and reliable lists.

Employees Trained To Work With The Elderly

PrimeLife also “strives to ensure that its employees and subcontractors are competent in their trade as well as adept at dealing with seniors,” said Chris Roller, CEO of PrimeLife Home Improvement. The focus on ability to deal with senior citizens is especially important to the organization because they realize that this demographic has unique needs and often requires special considerations.

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